Labor and Employment

Employment law is one of the most vital laws in the society as it aims to define the rights and obligations of both the employer and employee to ensure a balanced relationship. In Palestine, the Labor Law No. (7) of 2000 is the primary law responsible for regulating the various subjects with regards to employment.


At Al-Zubi Law Office we have an overarching understanding of the legal framework in this area. Also, we ensure our clients are constantly updated with the issuance of any new legislations, amendments, or repeals. Moreover, due to the extensive years of work in the area of employment law for a vast range of clients, Al-Zubi Law Office is privileged to have established a strong, professional and respectful relationship with the Ministry of Labor which plays the role of the regulator in the labor domain.


Al-Zubi Law Office has the expertise and knowledge in reviewing and drafting all types of customized employment contracts in-line with the applicable rules and regulations and which reflect the particular needs of certain untraditional contexts. We base our drafting on clarity and precision in an attempt to minimize any potential disputes in the future. In addition to that, we draft and review internal staff regulations, handbooks, manuals, collective labor agreements, and disciplinary action lists. Also, we obtain the relevant endorsements required by the Ministry of Labor in due course. Adding to all that, provide oral and/or written consultations for both employers and employees on any inquires they might have on employment issues as we strive to provide creative legal employment solutions. Last but not least, our Law Office is one the most prominent and well-known offices for successfully handling employment cases before the Palestinian courts related to disputes revolving around arbitrary terminations, severance payments, work injuries, etc.