Legislative and Regulatory Drafting

Not only does Al Zubi Law Office hold extensive knowledge of the Palestinian legislation, it has also played a critical role in the preparation and drafting of multiple regulations, laws and procedures. For the past 25 years, Al Zubi Law Office has contributed and continues to contribute substantially to the drafting of a significant number of commercial, investment, and fiscal as well as ICT laws and regulations. The extensive legal writing and drafting experience of Al Zubi Law Office involves the duality of both the Arabic and English language. In addition to its contribution in drafting the Palestinian Basic Law, Al Zubi Law Office had been involved in drafting the following laws:

  • The Companies Law (draft).
  • Investment Promotion Law.
  • Telecommunications Laws.
  • Arbitration Law.
  • Tax Laws.
  • Law on the Palestinian Industrial Estates and Free Zones Authority.
  • Law Concerning the Loan Fund for Students of Higher Education Institutions in Palestine.
  • The Foreign Trade Law (draft).
  • Commercial Laws.
  • Civil Code (draft).  
  • Commercial Agents Law.
  • Financial Securities Law.
  • New Copyright Law (draft).