Intellectual Property Rights

Al-Zubi Law Office has become one of the top-ranked and outstanding law offices in Palestine enjoying distinctive experience in the field of IP, and managed to set out the legal precedence in this field as it managed to win in landmark cases that protected internationally well-known trademarks.


Today, the importance of (IP) laws has drastically increased especially in light of the significant and rapid advancements taking place in technology. The legislation in Palestine that cover the provisions of protecting intellectual property rights (IPRs) are relatively old and not adequately modernized. The absence of proper (IP) regulations result in many adverse effects on creativity, production, and competition. Hence, a unified and modern regime for (IP) in accordance with international IP standards is crucially needed. Despite the abovementioned challenges facing (IP) laws in the Palestinian Territories, here at Al-Zubi Law Office we possess the expertise to advice national and international clients on how to effectively secure and enforce their (IPRs) in this complex and peculiar environment. Our focus is mainly centered on trademarks, patents, industrial designs, and copyrights. Not only are our services limited to advising our clients; however, our team is well-equipped in actually leading the process of registering and filing various (IPRs) from start to end upon request and in a timely manner with the competent authorities. We represented several national, regional, and international companies in registering their various (IPRs).


Subsequent to successfully registering (IPRs) with the competent authorities and in coherence with the applicable laws, Al-Zubi Law Office remains at full disposal in maintaining their rights including and not limited to dispute resolution through taking legal action to protect (IPRs) before both, governmental and judicial bodies, including the High Court of Justice.