Public–Private Partnership (PPP) and Local Government

Al-Zubi Law Office has been heavily involved in projects, studies, and seminars related to PPP. In a nutshell, Al-Zubi Law Office in collaboration with the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS) published a fully-fledged, thorough and comprehensive research paper under the title ‘Policy and Legal Framework for Public-Private Partnership at the Local Government Level’. Moreover, Al-Zubi Law Office gained extensive experience working with pronounced international experts on PPP projects in Palestine in cooperation with leading international law firms. Notabely, our Law Office has been commissioned by the Local Ministry of Government to develop an advanced and detailed bylaw governing PPP for the purpose of enabling the legal environment for PPP on the local government level. All of the abovementioned activities conducted by our Law Office are always tailored to be in harmony and in line with the special legal culture present here in Palestine.


We are well-experienced with municipal and government laws and have fully developed the novel legal work for the amalgamation of local authorities in Palestine. This leading unprecedented effort led to fully-fledged by-laws that govern and tackle the legal, regulatory, financial, governance, administrative, as well as judicial aspects of several local councils and municipalities. Furthermore, we prominently contributed in the drafting of the laws, bylaws and regulations for several semi-governmental regulatory authorities such as the Telecom Regulator, Palestine Capital Market Authority, Water Authority, Promotion Investment Agency, and we worked extensively with related official bodies. In parallel, we gained distinctive experience in tackling the legal and regulatory relationship between governmental agencies/regulators and the regulated entities. Last but not least, we worked with the Palestinian Water Authority on the regulations and the by-laws needed for their licensing regime. And we were heavily involved in establishing joint utilities councils such as the Water Council for a cluster of towns and villages in the northern part of West bank, Palestine.