AL-Zubi Law Office has developed extensive experience in legal writing and drafting of unique, complex and intertwined contracts and agreements in both Arabic and English. We have gained experience as well by working closely in collaboration with a multitude of well-known international law firms and business consultants in negotiating and drafting international commercial agreements. Not only does Al-Zubi legal team excel in the negotiation and preparation phase of contracts, but it has proven to also efficiently review, amend, edit and enforce various sorts of contractual arrangements. We work on a wide array of national and international agreements ranging from and not limited to agencies and distributorship, licensing and concession,  shareholders’ agreements, financing and supply agreements, joint ventures, leasing, higher-purchase, employment contracts, internship contracts, consultancy agreements, non-disclosure agreements, share purchase agreements, shares transfer agreements, nominee shareholder agreements, trust agreements, and many other sorts of intricate legal documents.


We have the experience to develop practical contractual mechanisms, which are compatible with the legal system here in Palestine; hence, ensuring the needed safeguards for the protection of the clients’ interests.