Commercial, Financial and Banking Laws

Al-Zubi Law Office is a leading firm in the commercial and financial laws in Palestine. We create the needed interaction, synergy and compatibility between the local Palestinian context and the modern international doctrines. Our focus is on financial and commercial laws and we have excellent knowledge of the legal system, laws and regulations applicable to their home jurisdiction and the regional commercial community as well. We are privileged for haven taken a vital part in the drafting of key commercial and financial laws that were ultimately enacted in Palestine. Thus, as a firm we have moved to the forefront in this area of the law and we are constantly practicing and advising on matters related to it. We are heavily involved in banking and have widespread legal experience in the law of loans and borrowings. It is of relevance to mention that we worked prominently as the Local Counsel for a number of financial transactions in Palestine. As well, we are recognized for being involved in setting up financial schemes and facilities of major businesses and financial transactions.


On top of that, Al-Zubi Law Office strives to always be an active part in new and emerging financial and commercial topics such as fin-tech and financial inclusion. To this end, Al-Zubi Law Office has participated in events and sessions on this subject matter. For example, it was one of the key speaking members in the webinar conducted by the Center of Continuing Education at Birzeit University on the ability and capacity of the legislative and regulatory domain to stimulate financial innovation and the ability of banks, financial institutions, startups and those with entrepreneurial ideas to bridge an important gap in financial services and financial inclusion.