Corporate Services and Structuring

Corporate law is one of the fundamental branches of law that affects the legal and regulatory environment for doing business in Palestine. Al-Zubi Law Office prides itself for representing a wide array of the most prominent corporations in Palestine such as the Palestinian Stock Exchange. We provide overarching and continuous legal support throughout the various phases of a corporations’ timeline. Initially, starting off with its inception, we are specialized in the legal and governance issues pertaining to establishing and registering institutions, corporations, entities, councils and other related novel work. We have been part of establishing international and regional companies in Palestine as foreign entities and branches. As opposed to the process of forming corporations, Al-Zubi Law Office has also successfully and smoothly conducted multiple liquidations of companies. Moving forward, we take part in drafting the novel, complex, intertwined and customized legal instruments in line with the Palestinian legal context associated with a corporations’ respective activities including (detailed shareholder agreements, articles of association, share purchase agreements, put option agreements, subscription agreements, etc.)


Lastly, at Al-Zubi Law Office, our scope of work continued to stretch out and we became a leading part of the committee drafting the new Company Law in Palestine, where we have been working on extensively. Our objective is that the new Company Law would provide an output that is both in line with international best practices, but at the same time compatible and adequately fitted to the peculiar Palestinian environment and its underlying realities.