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Managing Partner’s Message
Managing Partner’s Message
Haytham L. Al-Zubi

Since its establishment in 1963, Al-Zubi Law Office a top Palestinian Law Firm has been advising and representing leading national, regional and international corporations with interest in Palestine both in transaction advisory and before courts and arbitral tribunals. The practice has steadily grown its operations across Palestine and the region to become a top law firm in the country in different legal spheres including transaction, advisory, legislation, and litigation. We are privileged to have been prominently involved in several key strategic business transactions in Palestine, as well as contributing to the drafting of the key current Palestinian laws pertaining to the economic, commercial and investment legal and judicial environments. Our unequaled understanding of the prevailing legal environment in all economic sectors, coupled with deep market knowledge and insights, ensures that our clients receive world-class advisory, regulatory and litigation services. A diverse team of experienced lawyers, based in two offices in Ramallah and Nablus, provide deep local knowledge of Palestine and distinctive exposure to issues of international commercial law, as well as reliable professional links with the leading regional law firms and the top circles of international law firms.

Our practice covers fully-fledged services including the whole spectrum of corporate and investment laws and practices, drafting and reviewing all commercial public and private contracts pertaining to M&A and joint ventures, agency and distribution agreements, employment, licensing schemes, IP, real estate and development, liabilities, telecom and ICT, banking and finance, tax and fiscal laws as well as conducting the related due diligence. Besides we have extensive skilled experience in representing clients before courts, regulatory authorities, arbitral tribunals and official bodies in all kinds of commercial and civil disputes.


Haytham L. Al-Zubi

LL.B, LL.M (Edinburgh)

Established in 1963 by the pronounced advocate Lutfi Al-Zubi, Al-Zubi Law Office is a prominent and highly regarded law firm based in Palestine with two offices operating in Ramallah and Nablus. Al-Zubi Law Office is a top law firm in Palestine today. Maintaining an excellent reputation since the early sixties alongside an efficient working environment based on productive cooperation and teamwork. Our professional team is very adept at delivering reliable legal services to national and international clients with interests in Palestine and the region.


This private commercial practice currently constitutes of several distinctive, highly experienced and well-qualified lawyers in addition to support staff both in Ramallah and Nablus offices. We have been working as advocates and legal advisors for the largest corporations in Palestine as well as for leading national and international companies. To this end, we managed to gain an excellent reputation while building a wide client base which is active in various economic sectors. Adding to that, we worked with leading law firms including those in the magic circle and other top international law firms in the UK, US and Europe as well as in the region including: Jordan, UAE  and some other key countries.


Al-Zubi Law Office prides itself of its profound knowledge and practice relating to the legal system, laws and regulations applicable to their home jurisdiction and the regional commercial community as well, combined with an accumulated lengthy experience in international contexts and jurisdictions. We are devoted to assist clients in achieving their business goals and overcoming legal challenges.


At Al-Zubi Law Office, we are heavily involved in legal consultation and litigation, representing corporations as well as individuals before courts, tribunals and other governmental bodies. Most of the issues we tackle stem from a commercial and business background. During the many years of providing novel legal work, the firm has worked with a multitude of international law firms and business consultants, in negotiating and drafting international commercial agreements and other advanced contractual and statutory legal instruments. This has provided us with extensive experience in various practice areas. We have been also prominently involved in setting the legal and regulatory framework for different strategic sectors including telecom, renewable energy and electricity. On top of that, we have been played a substantial role in drafting new laws and regulations especially those related to investment and doing business in Palestine. All of our work is conducted in a manner reflecting the underlying realities present here in Palestine. 


Noteworthy, in June 2014 the World Council selected the firm’s Managing Partner Attorney Haytham Al-Zubi to become a member in the International Court of Arbitration (ICC) in Paris, which is one of the most highly regarded legal forums worldwide.

Successive generations of lawyers, public prosecutors and judges have been involved in establishing and managing this Law Office over decades. The Office has witnessed different historical eras as a unique legal system in Palestine narrates the political history of this country and the consequent underlying legal setups. This rich history of Al-Zubi Law Office has made it one of the best law firms in Palestine.